Some Knowledge about Filament Lamp! Must to Know!

Filament lamp main components: light bar ( substrate , chip , conductive , phosphor ) , drive , base, housing.

NO.1 Lamp Substrate

Substrate is divided into: Sapphire, Ceramic, Metal and Glass.

Here is the performance comparison:

Price: Sapphire>Ceramic>Metal >Glass

Luminous: Sapphire>Glass>Ceramic>Metal

Heat dissipation: Metal>Ceramic>Sapphire>Glass

NO.2 Lamp Conductive

Conductive is divided into: Pure gold wire, Alloy wire and Iron wire.

Usually low-end LED filament lamp chosen alloy wire and Iron wire. High-end LED filament lamp chosen to be 99.9% pure gold wire.

NO.3 Lamp Driver

Driver is divided into RC driver and IC drive.
RC driver voltage fluctuation range is very narrow. If the voltage is unstable, the filament lamp is very easy to be broken. Usually the low voltage rang is 110V-130V and the high voltage range is 210V-230V. If higher, the lamp will be broken. If lower, the lamp light will darken and there will have light flash.
IC driver can have 10% voltage fluctuation. Usually the low voltage rang is 90V-130V and the high voltage range is 180V-260V, and no flash.

NO.4 Lamp Base

Base: Conventional lamp base are E27, E14 and so on. It can also be tailored to achieve the standard bases in different countries.

NO.5 Lamp Housing

Lamp housing have different shapes and colors. Mostly the led filament bulb housing can be divided into clear cover, milky cover, frosted cover and so on. And the shape can be divided into C series, A series, G series, R series, ST series, T series and so on.