LED Strip light selection techniques and Installation

LED Strip light is more widely used in the modern lighting design. Strip light generally installs in dark slot and it is very helpful to highlight the room layering and create artistic conception.

Now here are some knowledge about Led strip light selection techniques and installation for you.

NO.1 What is LED Strip light

LED Strip can be divided into two kinds of low voltage and high voltage. The low voltage with a drive need to reprovision, but the high voltage with direct access to 220V mains can be bright. Both of them need to fixed with fixed card. It is not difficult to use it.
Before the led strip light, people usually use T4、T5 tube to create backlight. But the minimum sizes are 0.3m for T4/T5 tube. If there are less than 0.3m, there will be dark area. The led strip light is much more flexible and colorful than T4/T5 tube. Nowadays, almost all of people use led strip light instead of T4/T5 tube.

NO.2 LED Strip light Color

LED strip light has many colors, such as red, yellow, blue, green, daylight, softlight or colorful light. Warm white use most in house lighting for it is well to create soft and warm atmosphere.

NO.3 LED Strip light Types

The most commonly used types of LED strip light is 3528 and 5050 strip light. 3528 means the size of led light source is 35mm length and 28mm width. 5050 means the length and width of the light source both are 50mm. The other difference is that 5050 led beads have 3 led chips, but inside the 3528 strip strip light, there only have 1 led chip. So 5050 strip light brightness and power is triple of 3528 led strip light in the same number led beads. Also the 5050 led strip light price is higher than 3528.

NO.4 LED Strip light Installation

According to the actual length of the light trough in your home, cut, splice, test and fixed it with fixed cards. Finally switching on the power and then everything is done. Or you can ask the renovated master help, it is very easy to installation.

NO.5 LED Strip light Quality and Safety

The strip light led beads decides the life time of the strip light. For reducing replacement costs and electrical safety, V.MAX suggest you to select the better quality products instead of cheaper products.