Clothing Stores Lighting Select Guideline

How to exhibits the products better and attaching the customers in a cloth store? What is the most important thing? No doubt that it is lighting.The cloth stores usually divided into high-end specialty stores, general stores and public stores. How should we choose different lights for different style of stores?

NO.1 High-end Specialty Stores
A relatively low basic luminance (300lux), lower Color temperature(2500-3000K) and high color rendering(Ra>90). You also can use spotlights to create depth and mood, and gives dramatic effect.

NO.2 Ordinary Fashion Shop
Medium luminance(300-500lux), Natural color temperature(3000-3500K) and high color rendering(Ra>90). Using a lot of accent lighting in combination to create a relaxed and dramatic atmosphere. 

NO.3 Popular Stores
High luminance(500-1000lux), medium color temperature(4000K)and preferable color rendering(Ra>90).You only need to use few spotlights to highlight the key products in the store. The friendly and optional atmosphere is better for this kind of store.